• Auto Lead Generation

    Automatically build a targeted list of hot leads and market to them at anytime.

  • Monetize Free WiFi

    Be able to engage and re-target your customers when they use your FREE wifi network.

  • Grow Social Media

    Boost your social media engagement and get more fan page likes and followers.

  • Automate Marketing

    Set-and-Forget Automation Engine makes it easy to send smart guest notifications.

  • Real-Time Analytics

    See real-time guest Wi-Fi analytics with detailed information about each user.

  • Done For You Beacons

    We offer done for you activation services for your beacons to make is as easy as possible.

  • Use Your Own Beacons

    Easily connect your own eddystone beacon with UID protocol.

  • Broadcast 1,000 Meters

    Broadcast your messages far with 1,000 meter range beacons.

  • Broadcast Your Notification

    Broadcast your 40 character message and a clickable link to any nearby android device.

  • Schedule Your Notifications

    Schedule your notifications and have multiple offers going out certain times every day.

  • Website Builder

    Easily create amazing websites with our drag and drop website builder.

  • Landing Pages

    Easily create amazing landing pages with our simple landing page builder.

  • Sales Funnels

    Create sales funnels that convert even if you have no technical skills what so ever.

  • Capture Pages

    Create capture pages and collect lead and contact information for automated follow ups.

  • Pre-made Templates

    Making a web page has never been easier with our pre-made templates.

  • Contact Forms

    Easily create contact forms and collect the information you need to follow up.

  • Opt-in Forms

    Create opt-in forms and add leads to your email list and send email campaigns.

  • Surveys

    Create custom surveys and get questions answered before you follow up with your leads.

  • QR Codes

    Generate QR codes for any form and page so people can easily scan them.

  • Virtual Business Cards

    Create virtual business cards and resumes quickly and easily.

  • Auto Responder

    Send unlimited auto responses to your contacts and leads for easy follow up.

  • Email Campaigns

    Send email campaigns to your subscribers for special offers and follow ups.

  • Email Newsletters

    Send email newsletters to your subscribers list for updates and specials.

  • Email Templates

    Pre-made email templates so you can create amazing looking emails in minutes.

  • Unlimited Contacts

    Build a huge contact list of leads and customers and own your own traffic.

  • Facebook Assistant

    Save time with our Facebook assistant and schedule your posts and join groups on autopilot.

  • Instagram Assistant

    Completely automate your posts and engagement with our Instagram assistant.

  • Twitter Assistant

    Posting content on has never been easier with our Twitter auto post scheduler.

  • Build Engagement

    Building highly targeted engagement has never been easier.

  • Save Lots of Time

    Imagine all the time you are going to save with our social media marketing assistant tools.

Simple & Affordable

All-In-One Marketing Solutions

  • Power Wi-Fi Hotspots

    Connect with your customers and bring them back, with our power wifi hotspot platform.

  • Proximity Marketing

    Broadcast your message and clickable link to mobile devices with Google nearby.

  • Unlimited Landing Pages

    Create unlimited landing pages, opt-in pages, sales funnels, and much more.

  • Unlimited Forms

    Create unlimited contact and opt-in forms to collect lead and customer information.

  • Unlimited Auto Responder

    Send unlimited auto responses to anyone that fills out your forms.

  • Unlimited Email Campaigns

    Send unlimited email campaigns quickly and easily to your list of subscribers.

  • Complete Analytics

    Complete click through rate analytics to track where all your traffic is coming from.

  • Instagram Assistant

    Completely automate your Instagram build engagement and generate leads on autopilot.

  • Facebook Assistant

    Schedule your Facebook posts in advance on your profile , business pages, and groups.

  • Twitter Assistant

    Schedule your Twitter posts in advance, save time and build your engagement on autopilot.

Plus So Much More...